Machine Learning & Cyber Security Future.

Its a given isn’t it? White hat hackers have to keep up with the black hats, it’s a game of cat and mouse. Its the same in the physical security world – criminals are pioneers and innovators, always keeping ahead of the game, its one step forward for criminals, one step back for law enforcement.

The onset of the technology has just pushed that to new levels for criminals. Whatever the driver, political, financial, inquisitiveness or ideological, technology is part of the criminal make up.

Its like a Cyber Tango and there are just not enough good guys stepping up to the dance floor.

However, up until recently it has been pretty much a human at the driving seat.

That is rapidly about to change!

Artificial Intelligence – you have heard of it of course. Your understanding is that some guy called Orwell has predicted the future and we are all about to be taken over by robots… we are entering the beginning of the matrix!

What does this mean though for the Cyber Security industry? It means that things are going to get a whole load more interesting & a whole lot faster!

In today’s increasing threat landscape, how often do you need to be testing your defences? — surely the answer has to be every day, every minute – 24×7?!

Not enough Cyber Security professionals.

There are just not enough Cyber Security professionals and the skills gap is widening, the good news is that AI is going to help plug the gap. Machine learning software can use data from previous attacks to learn, identify and prevent attacks. But of course, what can be used to identify and protect can also be used to launch and accelerate an attack.

The Cyber Tango is about to enter the quick step.

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