Is agriculture at risk from cyber crime?

Most media coverage about cyber-crime shares horrendous examples of how individuals or families’ lives have been ruined by ruthless scams. This is no different in the agriculture sector.

Cyber crime has become a major industry – and the cyber security industry has grown rapidly to tackle the scale of the problem.

The Office of National Statistics estimates that 4.5 million cyber crimes were committed in the UK in the 12 months up to March 2018.

You are statistically more likely to fall victim to a cyber crime in the UK than you are to any other type of crime.

As the cyber security systems become more adept at preventing and pursuing consumer fraud, the cyber criminals are constantly looking for ways to target business and in particular new revenue streams.

Farming businesses are no exception and farmers are especially at risk at this time of the year, as it is well known that the basic payment subsidy has been paid out and sales from summer harvests have been concluded.

Many farmers also get involved in Christmas tree sales in November and December, again generating a new stream of income. Criminals see this is an opportunity to commit fraud.

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