80% Of Hacks Occur When A Patch Is Already Available.


Patching greatly reduces the risk of Cyber Attack. Upto 80% of malicious attacks can be prevented by simply carrying out a robust software patching regime. It is no longer good enough to only think about the operating system. In fact, Microsoft Windows is not even in the top 10 of the most exploited programs any more. Java based applications and Acrobat reader accounted for approx. 78% of all exploits last year.

Fully Patched and Compliant Infrastructure?

Most companies that we have audited think they have patching under control, however we have yet to find a single company that we have audited that have a fully patched and compliant infrastructure.

Ensuring that your Information Security Strategy includes a robust and well executed patching strategy will allow you to concentrate on more complex threats to your business.

PalisadeSECURE specialise in pre-attack cyber security hygiene. Dedicated teams work 24/7 to ensure your infrastructure is patched with the latest updates, service packs and hot fixes.

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